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Download Counter Strike 1.6

Title: Download Counter Strike 1.6
URL: http://counterstrike16best.com/
Description: Counter Strike 1.6 is the best multiplayer first person shooter game in the world! In this awesome game, are two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists. They battle in every round to achieve their objective. The game was started în 1999, first it was just a modification of popular Half-Life. After that the Valve was involved and the game was started to be more popular. In fact, the game is based on objective, the objective differ by map and most recent by the mode of the server. In game are two teams, that are opposing. First team is called Terorrists and the second is Counter Terorrists. First team is the bad guys and second team is the good guys. To win a round you must complete the objective or eliminate all opossing team. The most popular objective is to plant/secure the bomb by tero and defuse bomb by counters and the second is to guard the hostages or rescue them to a safe point. At the end of round, the winning players are get more money. The money is spent on weapons, equipment, grenades, bullets, etc. Counter Strike 1.6 remains the most popular shooter game in the world. Since May 2006, Counter-Strike is the most played FPS in the world. In 2002, there were more than 30,000 servers populated on the Internet for Counter-Strike, the second being the Unreal Tournament with approximately 9,800 servers. In 2004, GameSpy statistics showed that over 85,000 users were simultaneously playing Counter-Strike, and in 2006, Steam regularly shows that 200,000 users are playing Counter-Strike.
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