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Merge Magic Guides

Title: Merge Magic Guides
URL: https://mobilegamershq.com/
Description: Merge Dragons is a unique puzzle and adventure game. The main consists of you being tasked to heal a magic land. You must harness the power of dragons that can be collected, solve exciting puzzles and build a camp to fill it with growing dragons all all sorts of unique in game items you collect. Everything in this game can be merged and matched. Upon doing so, you will create the next tier of that item, skill, artifact, or Dragon. Everything is mergable! Artifacts, dragons, eggs, trees, fruit, falling stars, leaves! As a beginner, this game can seem a bit overwhelming. There is so much to do, so much to learn, so many things to partake in. The interface is very busy at times. If you start to get frustrated, simply take small steps to start learning about things. There are a ton of icons for you to start diving into in the camp. Start by buying dragon eggs to make more powerful dragons and increase their levels. They will help you out a ton, especially in later quests and in your camp. When you are in camp, they will automatically start harvesting from items you have. Rewards you get from completing quests and events will be available in your home camp to open and play with.This game boast alittle over 600 quests which is by far, one of the most quests in a mobile game! The quests are repeatable, and you will also come across timed challenges you can complete for bigger rewards. Those challenges have 3 levels to them; with each level increasing in reward and time difficulty. This mobile game has over 500 items. The creator of this game, Zynga, puts out regular updates and big themed events that can be played.
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